24, 03, 2019

Finance News : IT Act allows govt to pull up platforms for data misuse

Even as India is working on a comprehensive data protection law, the existing Information Technology (IT) Act has provisions that allow the government to take action against companies, social media platforms or mobile application providers which exploit user data through unauthorised means. Privacy analysts and legal experts say Section 43 and 43A, […]

19, 03, 2019

Business Loan for Young and Women Entrepreneurs

With the increase in business opportunity and new ideas and technology, young and women entrepreneurs have successfully set up their ventures. Business Loan in Mumbai has helped many young and women entrepreneurs in planning the best solution for the business. Money plays a vital role in business expansion. Every business […]

28, 05, 2018

Top 5 benefits of Mortgage Loan

Top 5 benefits of Loan against Property Mortgage Loan & Loan against Property: Loan that is given on behalf of property and real estate is termed as mortgage loan. This is also known as secured loan. Mortgages are that type of financial product whose demand and supply change on the basics […]

19, 04, 2018

Finance News : SBI India’s most trusted bank

The report, however clarified, the survey was carried out during November-January and did not take into account the recent reports of irregularities involving the ICICI Bank At a time when the banking sector in the going through a topsy-turvy phase, the TRA Brand Trust Report 2018 on Wednesday said the State Bank of […]